Wiimote pins: connection lost frequently

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    Jul 30, 2016
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    Just wondering whether I'm the only person who's oldest Wiimote (from 2006) has started to make Nunchuks and Classic Controllers lose connection frequently.

    According to a quick search on the internet, old Wiimotes might be worse in that regard. However, I think I know how this happened: Over the past decade the following has occurred maybe 30 times (or so): the Wiimote would have fallen to the ground (not because of swinging it! just because of cables) and I caught it by grabbing the Nunchuk. This must have caused strain to the pins of the Wiimote.

    Any way to fix this? Otherwise my Wiimote will retire and will only be used for games without additional peripherals.
    When it happens it can be fixed by just taking out and reconnecting the Nunchuk/CC. However, it gets very annoying (esp. in online matches).