WiiDoom v0.4.2

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    Steve Corey has released the much anticipated Homebrew Channel compatible version of his port of the Doom engine for the Nintendo Wii. This new version adds a WAD loading selection menu, fixes configuration saving bugs, adds an IR crosshair and some more changes.

    Thanks to everyone who responded to my request for testers. We've verified that this new package works great with the Homebrew Channel, so I've updated the zip file and put it out on the Google Code site (it's still 0.4, since only the packaging changed). Thanks to everyone giving me such detailed info on the issue, I got it fixed much faster than I thought I would. - Source
    This is a polished port of the Doom game engine which allows you to play both the shareware and commercial versions of the original Doom. Additionally, it also plays Ultimate Doom, Doom II and Final Doom along with various official expansions (WAD files). Note that you must own the original Doom game you wish to play as the game engine requires the data files from your game(s).

    -- Version 0.4 --
    [NEW] Added WAD loader
    [FIXED] Finale cast can now be advanced through
    [FIXED] Config file saving/loading works
    [CHANGE] Classis stairbuilding enabled by default
    [NEW] Added IR crosshair option in general settings menu
    [CHANGE] Disabled IR crosshair by default
    [FIXED] Fixed vertical resolution to fit on the screen better
    [FIXED] Fixed Twilight Hack Input bug
    [CHANGE] Moved messages output location to original spot
    [FIXED] "Reset to defaults" now works

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    Nov 17, 2008
    i downloaded a doom game from the hbb b4 but the analog stick on the chuck did not work with it.
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    I'll try this when I update my Wii again with the latest homebrew [​IMG]