wii64 SVN Revision 315

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    whoa whoa whoa: just stumbled on this over at wii newz:

    " Originally Posted by 4ltj4 View Post
    Thing is, this thing is VERY slow, since audio is also not enabled... and I was soo happy to finally be able to play Goldeneye.."

    my jaw dropped.

    Then on youtube i found the vid for svn 370 running f-zero pretty fuckin well!... but no vid of goldeneye [​IMG]


    and now r471 running banjo tooie~


    Any one happen to have any of these revisions in dol format? [​IMG]

    EDIT NVM: http://rapidshare.com/files/191820356/Wii64-r471.zip.

    EDIT 2: as the wiki states:

    GoldenEye 007
    glN64_GX & Pure Interpreter
    gc speed 5-10%
    wii speed 5-15%
    Missing sky, weird texture issues
    Needs Dynarec, Takes about 20mins to get ingame, Very TLB heavy!