1. TerminatorAli01

    OP TerminatorAli01 Newbie

    Jun 25, 2019
    United States
    I have an issue when i want to play 2 players in wwe 13 i have already used techmoons wii vc injector to turn the game into a wup file and played it several time using the wii u game pad and wii mote + nunchuck seperatly but now i want to use both to play 2 players but when i use the wii u game pad and then try to add the wii mote and nunchuck the lights just start flashing and then end without syncing and when i use the wii mote to start the game and want to sync the game pad it just says game pad not supported on wii games ive tried google and youtube but i have seen no similar problem so i ended up here plz can someone help me im a little bit of a noob here and just want to play wwe 13 with my friends :/
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