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    !!IMPORTANT .NET Framework is needed to run.!!

    What is it?

    Wii Unscrambler GUI is a graphical user interface around some convert tools, to make it easier for the end
    user that doesn't want to deal with command prompts. Wii Unscrambler GUI can also gives u the
    information about a wii iso, and gives you the option to get the box-art from wiitdb.com.

    What is it not?

    Wii Unscrambler GUI is not a WBFS manager and will never be one. There are many great other WBFS

    V 1.0.3
    - Ciso conversion added (Thanks to hermes)
    - ciso to iso
    - iso to ciso
    - Game Info Tab, gives the DiscID, Title, Location, Size and 2D & 3D boxart
    - Updated Help dialog.
    - Removed some unnecessary code
    - Update dialog to get the latest version.

    V 1.0.2 | 01 - 02 -10
    - Progressbar is now connected with the real progress.
    - Help & about menu added.
    - Complete sound
    - Complete Details, DiscID, Title, Location & Size. (Thanks to pccfatman)
    - Boxart in completion box matching DiscID.
    - WBFS conversion support: .wbfs to .iso & .iso to .wbfs using wbfs_file.

    V 1.0.0 | 11 - 01 - 10
    - First release
    - .wii unscramble support.

    Download: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X7NGPMB6 Or http://www.mediafire.com/?oizdlzzw2fy
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    Wow thanks! Why have I not heard of this gui app before. It has been great for converting my old school .wii games as well as converting .iso to the smaller .wbfs thereby saving space. One click from iso to wbfs . . . Too easy and too awesome for words. I do love my wbfs and wii backup manager for creating new wbfs from disc, but this program is quicker at converting .wii and .iso. PandaNL, who da man? You da man.