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    Oct 30, 2012
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    Can someone test these cheats on an actual Wii U console and put a video up?

    Here is the ports for Wii U VC of 60fps and a 1-lined 1P Mode pacing address,usable on the ini file and with at least Cemu which was one way these were tested and proved to be working.

    Edit: Feel stupid,effed up their values,fixed now.

    Sixty Frames
    0x1BE3 0x00

    Sixty Pace 1P Mode
    0x20CF 0x01

    The other patches within the game's ini for "RomHacks" could be edited to replace 02s with 01
    like 24 0A 00 01 24 0A 00 01 etc. for each line set of multiplayer modes to make them correctly paced for 60fps as well.

    Please help with this task for testing the codes on a real Wii U and maybe also showcasing the results in a video,it should likely run really well compared to how it was tested on a real N64 with more lag while VC should be capable of full speeds in more situations.
    I would greatly appreciate it,as would several others among the few who put me up to asking for help on behalf of testing these.
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