Wii U: Hacking Tests Report

Discussion in 'Wii U - Hacking & Backup Loaders' started by dimmujed, Nov 20, 2012.

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    So what can we do with this WIOS? Can we now install HBC or anything like that? I just really want to use cheats with my Wii games. Smash Stack is ok I think, but I am hoping for a more centralized launcher like HBC so I don't have to run everything through the Smash stack... thoughts?
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    i love how some people not only want to run before they can walk , they want olympic gold medals.
  3. SifJar

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    As I understand it, it is more likely to run before other IOS, rather than concurrently with them. So in the same way as boot2 will read the SM TMD and load it's required IOS, which will in turn load the SM, I would assume WIOS would read the SM TMD and load it's (v)IOS, which would in turn load the SM.

    I have no idea how you came to this conclusion; some part of the internal operation of the WiiMode is discovered (right now, all that's publicly known is the name), and somehow that means we can install HBC? That's like realising there is a part of a car called the ignition and suggesting that knowing that could be used to, say, convert the car from petrol ("gasoline" to Americans) to diesel. We can't "do" anything with WIOS, it's just a part of the system that is now known to exist.
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    They may be able to use that as well as a number or other things they haven't mentioned yet to INSTALL something like a HBC to have a more permanent solution here. The only thing is, although I'm sure they're still working on it, once they get any installer done, they won't release it until AFTER the Wii U has been released in Europe, Japan, Korea, etc so Nintendo doesn't have time to make any last minute adjustments before launch and so they have time to test and adjust the installer for all regions before releasing it.
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    To be honest, my first thought was "please stay away for this section".

    As SifJar said, the WIOS is part of the internal software (or firmware, so you will) in a very same way the presence of flash memory is part of the hardware. It's in no way an indication of any hack whatsoever.

    If you're interested in the technical knowhow, check out the wii section of this forum or www.wiibrew.org. As far as is known, at least this part of the wiiU behaves exactly like one. But if all you want is HBC and hacks to be spoonfed to you, then please lurk around some more. Once something important gets released, it WILL be mentioned all over this forum.
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