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  1. Vexzel

    OP Vexzel Newbie

    Mar 14, 2017
    United States
    Hello /
    I am looking for information and if able i'd like to expand my ambitions into reality.
    I really like the community here, everyone is so helpful. I am interested in information that would help benefit me in making texture mods/edits similar in vain to making my own version of "Smash Explorer," except instead of using it for "Smash brothers", I would be using it to modify "The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild" for the Nintendo Wii U. I have Zero (0%) knowledge on what I should be looking for, but I'm optimistic I'll find a ground to stand on.
    I believe I should be looking for some type of exploring program that'll allow me to see the contents of BOTW in the same manner as "Smash Explorer" does for "Smash Brothers." I think it should be fairly simple, considering it's a Wii U title, the game is out and dumped, and all I really want to do is modify the textures so I can play a (to what I'd like to accomplish) more redefined version. Mostly improve upon the textures and make the textures a little bit more personal for myself and others. if anyone is capable of even just directing me towards some information, I'm willing to learn the process as to what it takes to accomplish this goal.
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