Wii stopped reading/recognizing SD Card

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    I'm using a 1 gb sd card. I have been using it for about 2 years with no problem for homebrew apps, etc. All of a sudden, I started up my back up of "new super mario bros" using neo gamma r7 and it was no longer reading the disc nor was it reading anything from my sd card. When I went to check the SD card on my computer, the files are, in fact, shown to still be on my card.

    I deleted and reformatted my SD card to FAT format, re-uploaded the files that I originally had on my sd card, inserted the card into the front slot/panel before booting up my wii, and still the wii is not recognizing that there is an sd card inserted.

    What's the deal?! Has any one had this same problem as of late?

    Also, I've used 4 different sd cards just to prove to myself that it isn't the SD cards themeselves. None of them can be read by my wii. It's weird how it just stopped reading the sd slot. I'm sure it's safe to assume that the sd card(s) that I'm using is not the problem. It's gotta be the Wii itself. I haven't done anything to modify (upgrade,downgrade) the Wii software since I last used it which was just yesterday.

    Homebrew is on a wii channel panel. It works (meaning I'm able to get passed the bubbles) but the files from the SD card, of course, are not reading. When I click on cIOS36rev10 or IOS Downgrader all I get is a black screen.

    Same thing happens w/ neo gamma (which is installed as a wii channel panel as well).
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    I know this might be a silly answer but is the sd card lock tab in the up(unlocked position)? I know sometimes with the cheaper sd cards, that when you insert the sd card it pushes the tab to the locked position(down).
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    same thing happened to me..just posted my troubles a few days ago lol...called ninty and they said "A faulty sd slot may or may not be able to be repaired"