Wii Possible Brick or Bluetooth Module Broken?

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  1. XeSanti

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    Aug 25, 2018
    a few days ago I bought a wii without cables, at first I connected without wiimote only the av connector and the adapter and it turned on, the warning message came out and after a minute the menu went out, on my TV the console looks black and white because it is region pal, yesterday I turn it on to see if everything was in order and nothing, does not send a signal to the television, I left it off for a while and nothing, turn on, turn the disc player and the fan but no image comes out, my surprise I press the reset button and the console already had the priiloader, I had a GameCube control and I could move through the options, then I load the homebrew channel and put the nintendont launcher and it works well with gamecube games, now whenever I set it without the reset it remains in black, this is a brick or is it the bluetooth module? today I get a wiimote and I can not synchronize it for anything, I hope you help me solve this problem
  2. randomguywhohasawii

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    Apr 22, 2019
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    that is not a brick, thats just something wrong with the wii.