Wii not spinning, serious help needed.

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    May 5, 2010
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    DVD not spinning video

    The Wii DVD drive doesn't spin, but does accept and ejects discs, I opened it up and found that the laser moves awkwardly and its movements are the ones causing the "clack clack clack" noise, so I recorded it to see if anyone could help. I never got any "can't read discs" message, nor any disc-reading problems, just one day I turned it on and it didn't spin the discs, and I heard the "clack clack clack" noise you can hear in the video.

    Any ideas on what could be done?

    Check the youtube video (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXHmQr1Zu-k), and it shows all that's wrong with the DVD drive, and maybe I can finally know what's really wrong with my wii.

    Please help! [​IMG]

    UPDATE: I checked, and there's a black tape (i think) that holds the laser in place, I had sent my wii to repair and when it got back it didn't had that black tape... how much does this affect?

    UPDATE2: Nevermind, I put more tape, and now it works, I fixed it!!!!!!!!!!!
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    I'm guessing people are going to say a replacement drive which I'm sure you thought about.

    Wish I could help.