Wii Gamma Backup Loader v0.3 problems

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    I have this problem with my Backup Loader Gamma v0.3. I have No More Heoes [NTSC][PAL]. So everything goes fine. Then i downloaded it on a DVD-R Disc. I run my Backup Channel... So this is the problem. When i play i have to force it to Pal60/50 With or no the VID Patch thing. When i try to force it to NTSC or run it without anything forced it goes green! The screen goes green. Then when i do it with PAL60/50 it goes on Black and White... I dont know what else to do! I can normaly play the game but... hey a little bit of color isnt bad sometimes.... And im wondering what do i have to do because... I have Naruto Clash of NInja Revolution 2 and i can play it normaly with even color on the backup channel. I have heard its a problem of the TV, my tv is HDTV so... they i say i need another cables(Bla Blah Blah) I need to know what do i have to know... I have done everything i know and is still on Black and white! Please give me all the solutions and solution, possibles! The game is well play, so its only the color. Please Help!!

    P.S:My wii version is 4.0U. I have downloaded all these games by torrent from ESPALWII(DOT)com

    Thanks for Helping!
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    I'd say your tv doesn't support PAL that's why it's black and white