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    Aug 19, 2009

    I am trying to use ftpii http://wiibrew.org/wiki/Ftpii to modify my files on the wii without taking taking the sd card out. When it works it works great.

    The problem is related to network setup most probably. I have configured the wii on a static local IP adress , mask, gateway . When the HBC starts,
    I try to ping it to see if the Wii is accessible. This is were the weird stuff starts. Sometimes it is , sometimes not. Even weirder, most of the time it pings from
    Linux but not from Windows on the same network configured with the same mask and the same gateway.

    The distance from the wii to the wireless router is small, and the connection test shows that it is excellent.

    When starting ftpii, it gets even worse - sometimes even if in HBC it pings, it stops when I get into ftpii But please ignore the ftpii problem, I am more interested in how to resolve the network problem.
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    From the title I thought you want to run a webserver with wiki, but your text is totally different. What do you want to tell us?