Wii #2553 - WWE All Stars (USA)

Discussion in 'GBAtemp & Scene News' started by Chanser, Mar 29, 2011.

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    wish this had wi-fi it would of been so much better...
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    Excited to try this... just about to very soon here. I enjoyed the Xbox 360 demo of the game... but as we know with the Wii it's always the controls that make or break multi-platform games. I will post my thoughts later tonight.

    EDIT for Review:
    This is probably the best WWE game for Wii yet... but unfortunately that's not saying too much as Smackdown vs Raw on Wii wasn't very good IMO. First thing with the visuals I noticed, they didn't make use of 480p widescreen... you've got black bars on left and right (I run 480p via component cables). Actual game visuals are middle ground for the Wii, and could had used a bit more time for polish of the animations and camera sequences on special moves. Also noticed lots of audio hick-ups in game. Reading the IGN review most will be happy to hear it supports a GameCube and Classic Controller layouts... but unfortunately for me I don't have either of those, and was using wiimote+nunchuck. Lack of buttons, and layout of buttons, on the wiimote+nunchuck cause unnecessary complication with the controls where modifier buttons are required. Two buttons together for strong strike/grapples and two buttons together for reversals/defending. I don't mind multiple buttons for special moves... but for the basics, it makes times when you need quick reaction too complicated. I'm guessing this could be way better if I had a NGC or Classic controller. The game play is over the top arcade fun. Almost an homage to the great N64 wrestling titles (WWE No Mercy, WCW vs NWO, etc), but with over the top animations. Based on first impressions (3 matches), it's a 7/10.
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    has anyone got an idea how to get it to play in colour on usb gx loader (latest revison) on uk pal using old CT tv.

    Normally when i get a game that NTSC i just select auto patch option does seem to work. Anyone know a fix for this?
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    If auto patch isn't working, try forcing PAL or get PAL version (if there is one).