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Oct 30, 2006
Those with widescreen 16:9 TVs should notice that most banners appear stretched on their wii.

I don't know if it is possible to properly create banners that adapt to the correct ratio in different wii modes or just don't stretch (system menu hack?), but I can explain in the meantime how you can develop your banner image to have the correct ratio on WS tvs.

I hope someone can shed more light on this (correct or affirm me), but i suspect the issue is due to the menu bar at the bottom of the screen, taking up around 25% of the screen. I have not measured anything exactly so i may be off very slightly in producing a perfect ratio.

BUt anyways, here we go.

Banner images have a resolution of 590x332, however this is stretched horizontally on the wii. So what we can do to correct his is shrinking the image width by 25% (so make width 75%). However we need to do this while maintain the 590x332 resolution, so that when it is stretched by the wii, it will look the correct ratio.

Solution? First design your banner on a canvas with an extra 1/3 of the normal width, which should be approximately 787x332.

Once you have finished designing you banner image, shrink it down to 75% width so that i retuns to 590x332 (I think wadder can probably also do this resizing step for you)

On your PC the image will appear horizontally squashed, but the wii will stretch the width an equal amount in the oposite direction so that it will look correct.

Here is my new Widescreen MPlayer Channel. Just an adaption of my old one lol u may have seen it around.
BTW it's a forwader channel, thanks to SpaceJump!
You will need your MPlayer boot.dol in the apps/mplayerwii directory.
Click image to open download link.

more versions, no wad compiled atm.

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