What R4 Card is this?

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  1. pixelhub

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    Aug 16, 2006
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    I ordered a Wood R4i Gold 3DS for my 3ds (ver. 7.1.0-14e) but instead received two of these cards

    box.png back.png front.png

    sorry about the quality of the pictures.

    the address on the card is http://www.r4-gold.net which doesn't exist.

    When i try the cards I can see a Metroid Prime Demo Icon but when I launch it I get the error message:
    An error has occurred. Hold down the power button to turn the system off.

    Im unsure if this card will work or how to update it.

    I would appreciate any advice on how to get this to work.

  2. icebrg5

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    Where did you order it from?

    Also from looking at the front sticker it looks identical to the card from r4ids.cn except for the RTS logo on the r4isd.cn card.
  3. Technicmaster0

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    Probably the firmware of your 3DS is too high to launch the card. It hasn't got support for some years (at least archive.org doesn't have proper backups of the page). Maybe you want to use the card with a DS Lite/ DSi/ 3DS with a very low firmware instead.

    icebrg5 Nope, the font is a bit different and the card from r4ids.cn doesn't have an "anti-fake" sticker on the back.
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    Sep 23, 2013
    if the website is down, i doubt you will be getting any updates for it, just try contacting the reseller and ask for a "genuine" r4i gold i.e the one people want for use on 7.1 , i say "genuine" because the r4 name has been used on about 5000 diffrent cards/clones with various words attached to the end, so unfortuatly you have probably just ordered a different card that has the same words there about 40 diffrent r4 gold cards, did you go to one of the official resellers and most sites are just full of cheap R4 branded cards that got killed off over the years via updates

    btw i dont think there was ever a genuine R4 after the first original DS card....just every flash card got labeled R4 to get some sales off the back of the original cards
  5. YoshiInAVoid

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    Jan 10, 2011
    I found this site:


    It shows a card which looks almost identical (box and sticker are same except for website, and card is yellow instead of black).

    However it says the max supported firmware is 6, and since you're on 7, you're pretty much screwed.

    Knowing what site you bought it from would be useful.
  6. redkeyboard

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    Jan 8, 2013
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    Looks like they sent you the wrong card. You should have received an R4i Gold 3DS not an R4 Gold 3DS
  7. pixelhub

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    Aug 16, 2006
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    Thanks for the replys.

    I ordered the 1 cart from playgamer.co.uk/g-673-Wood-R4i-Gold-3DS.html

    I don't know why they decided to send me 2 of these instead. im yet to get a reply from them.
    They don't even offer these carts for sale on their site. they offer a similar but one as YoshiInAVoid pointed out that wouldn't work either.

    i will order one from an known reseller www.r4ids.cn/buy-r4i-e.htm

    thanks again.
  8. escherbach

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    Dec 26, 2013

    packaging is very similar to a card I have owned from R4i-gold.com - now no longer supported - the new address is r4i-gold.me - but my card was yellow plastic with a black, gold and green label. It worked fine on 3DS v5.0 firmware after the error message was fixed by changing the year in system settings to some early year (I used 2002 since 2002 had the same calendar as 2013)

    Didn't work on 3DS v6.0 firmware - and no update available.