What needs to happen to save a save?

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    Aug 6, 2018
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    Hi all,

    A few years ago, I got heavily invested into Animal Crossing, sank hundreds of hours into it before slowly abandoning it. My 3DS had then eventually broken (software wise) and got reformatted, replaced, the whole nine yards. Back then, I just cut my losses and called it a day. However, now, five years later, I'm regretting it. I may or may not have a NAND backup, but I don't have an otp from the dump, so it's almost entirely useless and I can't check it if pertains to the console I had that had Animal Crossing on it. I may or may not have an EmuNAND and SysNAND dump, but again - useless without otp. The only thing I definitively have is a backup of the SD card contents - the 10MB 0000001.sav in the 00008630 folder etc etc.

    Now, my question isn't "how do I retrieve the save now?" but essentially what would need to happen in the 3DS hacking universe for me to be able to use this save and, hopefully, import it to a cartridge? I can already use JKSM to import the save if I somehow get it usable years from now, but what has to be "hacked" (if it even can be) to make other .savs from "other consoles" usable?