What is possible on the Wii U?

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    Jul 2, 2013
    Sorry if that has been previously answered (I did read the stickied threads so hopefully I didn't just read over it because I'm stupid...), but I was wondering what is possible with the Wii U up to this point. I have a Wii that was hacked with the Homebrew Channel that I could play games off of a USB on. Although that was as far as I ever got (other than changing skins on characters on SSBB and playing on altered courses on Mario Kart Wii), I was wondering exactly what the Wii U can do up to this point.

    I've read a little bit about vWii but I'm not fully sure what it is. Is it just a version of a Wii on the Wii U? How can it be used to play games off of a USB (I'm pretty sure I read you can do this, but I wasn't sure how to even get vWii...) or to alter games slightly (again, I'm pretty sure I saw this was possible and that people had played with NSMBW). And if these things are possible, how can I alter my Wii U to do them?

    TL;DR: - Can the Wii U be hacked in the same way that the Wii can?
    - What is vWii/how do you get it & how can you play games from a USB using it?
    - How else can the Wii U be hacked? (Altering games such as Mario Kart/New Super Mario Bros Wii/Super Smash Bros)

    Thanks a ton and sorry if I just asked a ton of annoying questions. :)
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    vWii is just the Wii functionality of the Wii U, not homebrew.
    As for what can be done in Wii U, pretty much the same that was possible in Wii, that means no Wii U "backups".
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    So far with mine I can go into the future, but I haven't found a way back yet.
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    Yes, with a few different cios.

    The same way you exploit a wii, by using one of the exploits. Refer to this sticky: http://gbatemp.net/threads/hacking-the-wiiu-a-simple-progress-guide.338900/

    Only for Wii homebrew/games in a virtual wii mode.
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    Just a tip. I recommend reading the forums before asking a bunch of questions that are already answered in the stickies for future reference. but if you need help just let someone know.
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    I'm not high techy on it but I see the WiiU as the first next gen console being able to boot ISO games.