what does it mean to NUKE a release?

Discussion in 'Xbox 360 - Games & Content' started by popopola, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. popopola

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    Jun 21, 2008
    Does that mean that one of the files is corrupted?

    I have a banned xbox right now, but I want to play ff13. Could I still play the nuked version?
  2. Armadillo

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    Aug 28, 2003
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    It means for whatever reason the release is bad by scene standards. Sometimes it's just stupid things (no compression, rars wrong size etc), but release would work fine, other times it's because the release is bad.

    Final Fantasy is nuked for anydvd corruption, so it's unsafe for live. Depending where the corruption is, the game could work fine or it could error out at some point during the game. Best to just wait for the repack.
  3. Akuma147

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    Since you're banned already, it wouldn't matter to you. So yes, you can play it; just don't play it on a not-banned console.
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    Yep, I'm banned so I've been playing it. Working fine so far. [​IMG]
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    Others have already taken it but I thought I would throw something in.

    Scene rules (probably outdated a bit now, I will see about finding some/the new ones) are included with most of the lastest 360 releases posts but have a read if you want:

    ABGX360 also has a bunch of good info on the various problems associated with rips in the startup tab.
    For this case stealing that info and posting it here: