What do I need for USB Loader GX?

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    I have done everything right correctly so far (WBFS Manager), but when I press "Play" on the game nothing will happen, and I will get a black screen. I think I have some missing stuff, and sorry I'm new to this entire thing.
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    the first thing not right is using WBFS manager.
    that program is formating the drive using an old, unstable, format. Games added to the drive using this program are corrupted and can result in black screen and freeze. Sometime it's at the start of the game, sometime it's later in the game so you can't detect it quickly that the game is corrupted.
    FAT32 or NTFS are recommended formats.

    Black screen could also be caused by the wrong video mode.
    So, first, try to edit the video mode (in usbloadergx settings). If it doesn't work, maybe you could try to use FAT32 partition and WiiBackupManager instead of WBFS parition and WBFS Manager