What can a Gamecube controller be handy for?

Discussion in 'Nintendo GameCube' started by FlyingFire64, Sep 5, 2014.

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    I plan on getting a Gamecube, and 2 Gamecube controllers in the near future, and one of them I'd like to use for another console. Say the 3DS for example, or the GBA. I'm not sure if there are cables that connect GCN controllers to these kinds of systems, but there are just a few ideas for me. Also, if I'm not getting a second GCN controller to work with my 3DS or GBA, then I'm getting a USB-conpatible GCN controlller to work with a few of my emulators on my PC, more specifically Project64 and ZSNES. Therefore, what are some good-quality USB GCN Controllers that I can get for a not-so-expensive price?
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    There are no mobile controller adapters unless you want to hack up your system.

    As for PC adapters, Raphnet is great quality, but a bit expensive. Mayflash v2 is just as good, so I hear.
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    Sep 19, 2013
    portable consoles are made to be portable, and not to use a separate controller with them...

    no, there is no adapter for portable consoles because there is no way to connect them; there could be workarounds but portable consoles and their games are not designed with this in mind (not counting guitar hero for ds)...

    however, if you which, you can open up the console take his buttons out, replace them with some wires, connect them each to the specific controller and done
    but this requires breaking the 2 things...

    now in a more seriously way, there are some adapters for use with android phones or computers, there are some usb adapters which are "several in one" you can connect for example GC N64 PS2 etc not requiring you to buy one adapter for each system...
    you can also buy a phone and get some adapters and play it like that...
    but if you want to use real hardware, the most easy way to do it is what i just said...
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