Welcome to GBAtemp v3+


Oct 24, 2002
Welcome to GBAtemp v3+
It's finally here! The long-awaited update has arrived, and it comes with tons of new features, improvements and even an improved skin! This upgrade, which we are calling "GBAtemp v3+" moves the 'Temp forward with a shiny updated, but familiar looking skin and the latest Invision Power Board (IPB v3.2.2) software, which in turn brings a plethora of new site features. Feel free to have a look around our new-look website and try out our new gadgets and tools! Most of our new features can be found in our updated navigation bar above or by clicking the new 'hovering' user bar in the top right corner of the screen.

The main new features that we are bringing forward with this update are, among tons of others:
  • Blogs: members of the community are now able to enjoy full-fledged blogs, with tons of new features and complete integration into the site! All articles posted in the blogs forum have been converted to the new blog system.
  • Gallery: create full photo albums, upload your pictures in a single click, this amazing add-on will come as a replacement of the good old "picture upload script". Pictures uploaded with that script are still available and can be viewed or deleted.
  • Calendar: what's better than a community-managed calendar to keep track of the important event of the video game scene?
  • Notifications: keep track of everything that's being said about you, all the replies to your threads or the people that quote you!
  • Shoutbox: a brand new shoutbox for us chatty chatters, a huge improve over the old one...
  • Social interaction: status updates, profile comments, custom profile page, Facebook and Twitter integration, sharing links and pages...
GBAtemp v3+ was a huge time-consuming undertaking for all of our staff, but I'd specifically like to thank [member='tj_cool'] and [member='Zarcon'] for their countless hours of hard work towards this upgrade. This upgrade was not a simple task - any long-term GBAtemp member will know how many custom modifications and hacks we have applied to GBAtemp to improve the user interface and experience. Many of these had to be completely re-written to work on the latest IPB software. We started over 6 months ago and are finally done!

So we hope you like the new-look GBAtemp, and although we've given the new website a thorough testing, if you do happen to encounter any strange bugs or broken links, please be sure to raise awareness by posting a thread in our Site Discussions forum.

  1. Old private messages are being converted to the new messenging system. Please wait as we convert them progressively.
  2. Avatars & personal photos are being merged into one unique image: the "Photo". We are running a conversion script that will allow you to re-use your old personal photo, but unfortunately your avatars are lost so now would be a good time to pick a new one!
  3. Some parts of the site may still be full of bugs, it's important that you report any problem on our Site Discussions forum. Try to keep bug reports in the same thread.
Enjoy GBAtemp v3+ and keep an eye out for even more improvements to come!

- The GBAtemp staff
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tsubasa hiroge
Aug 21, 2008
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All I'm going to say is you've done a damn good job!
This is such and immense improvement I might find myself coming back here a lot more now.
A few things could be tweaked here and there but overall I like it.

And this was supposed to take such a long time too :rolleyes: ;)

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