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    wbfs2fat.py - WBFS to FAT32 conversion
    version 0.6 - 2011-05-26
    © 2011 by PsyBlade - all rights reserved


    • converts a WBFS partition into a Fat32 partition
    • keeps Games as 4GiB splited ID6.wbfs files in wbfs folder
    • blazing fast - over 10GiB/s! (50GiB Test in 4.27s)
    • needs very little space on other drives
    • only ~0.0125% of the partition size for Backup and RAM
    • Windows + Linux (with some adjustments everything that runs python)
    • both GUI and CLI available
    • designed with security in mind only modifies disk after all other computations
      creates backup of modified data
    Requirements: Windows(.exe): nothing!
    Linux(.py): python (+PyQt4 for gui)
    Windows(.py): python + pywin32 + WMI for python (+PyQt4 for gui)
    Windows(Cygwin .py): Cygwin + its python package
    Usage GUI: run wbfs2fat without options (eg dubleclick)
    Select partition from list
    Click "convert to Fat32"
    Usage CLI: "wbfs2fat --help" to see all options
    "wbfs2fat -m scan" to list of all wbfs partitions
    "wbfs2fat -m convert " to convert

    Download wbfs2fat-0.6.tar.bz2
    Discussion Thread
    Detailed Tutorial/Howto(slightly dated til tut comp is over)
    GUI demo video

    If you have questions/suggestions/comments just ask.
    Especially patches are welcome.
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