wbfs file system and macintosh

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    now i know theres a macintosh app that lets you manage wbfs filesystem, but its for 10.5. im on 10.3 and this poses a problem for me

    1. i dont have $400 to but both 10.4 and 10.5 to update my mac
    2. if i try to update from 10.3 to 10.5 then my comp would have to have everything deleted due to some weird programing mac has. (switch from carbon apps to something else i dont remember causes it to screw up)
    3. mac 10.4 cant be found except on amazon.com or ebay.com for outrageous prices anyway

    so heres my question: the wbfs file management thing. is it only on 10.5 because of system limitations or could a one for 10.3 be coded? cause i may try to code one if it could