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    Aug 5, 2010
    Hey all.
    I have a problem.
    In my living room, there's a Dreambox VCR.
    On my laptop, I always visit the VCR's IP address from Mozilla Firefox and from there, I can watch exactly what the VCR is playing through my laptop.
    Today I tried visiting the IP, and mozilla said that it can't connect to the IP
    I trieed google chrome... Same thing.
    Hmm... I though maybe I reset the VCR. Nothing happened.
    Is it possible that it's IP changed? If yes, how can I find it's new IP?
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    If it has an IP chances are you are running a router (or something with a DCHP server)- dial into that and it will have a DCHP client list and/or a list of connected computers. It can be many things depending on the router model/make/firmware but if you drop down to the command line and type ipconfig then the default gateway (the third IP address down usually- no idea what it might be in your setup) will bring you to your router setup page.

    This being said while you are doing it or instead of it figure out what IP addresses are valid for your network and give the VCR a static IP address in that range (if I have to use the DCHP pool I will usually stick it in a higher address so it will not conflict)- it will save this happening again.

    Once you have done this you can also set your hosts file to direct to that on a more simple to remember address.
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    The router could also be acting up. Try unplugging the power cord for 30 sec or so, then power it back up. I have a linksys that when I can't connect through wireless when wired works, or any messaging programs stop being able to connect, a router reboot fixes it.