Wasabi V3 + clip V5B

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  1. yogi99

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    Dec 24, 2008
    Im about to give up modding my wii

    problem I 've installed the the clip the chip Wasabi V3 + clip V5B and I get the green light, the unit power and the green light is on the chip, but it wont see my disks,but it will read my games disks that i brought. i burnt the update Wasabi V1.4 to disk but unit wont read those disks so update can't be done at this point.

    Chipset on my unit is D2E, I've short out pin 2 on chip for pal also put wire on the clock still the same just a green light, remove wire from clock and then connected wire to F to Q and i get red light. any help would be nice


    merry Xmas