Hacking Vwii usbloader freezing on inialize


Tri z
Nov 25, 2005
United States
So I have Wii U portable hardrive with y cable and another portable hardrive with y cable for vwii

Wii U plugged in front usb and vwii in back

I have had a hell of a time to get vwii one to work in usbloader gx. Finally I get it to work only to after shut off Wii U and go back to use vwii after and the same deal it’s not working again. I tried switching USB port spots and even went to computer and reformat and Wii backup manager games back on. Plugged in and with some fiddling and it worked. Exited to Wii U and got the format nag. So I unplugged and put back on computer cause forgot to ustealth it when done formatting and reinstalling games before. Hook it back up and it won’t initialize. Thought maybe was ustealth stopping it but nope. Tried with and without and freezes on initializing
So after many playing around with and getting sick of shutting down system to switch ports and try dif things. I decided to just unplug it while at vwii menu then plugged back in and started usbloader. And sure enough that does it.
Tried it a few dif times after shutting Wii U off and restarting and it would hang but if after I turned off then on the system if I unplugged and plugged back in while on vwii menu
The drive would initialize fine and games playable
I tried hooking one of the hardrives y cable to external power and it doesn’t make a difference still hangs. I didn’t try unplugging the one still in system while other was in external power while at vwii menu but I’m guessing it would work to

But whole point of my setup is so can turn on and go. Really don’t want to have to unplug drive then plug back in once at vwii menu b4 start up usbloader gx. Would be nice to beable to use the forwarder from Wii U menu too

So my drive isn’t under powered because it will work but why would plugging it in while at vwii menu make a difference?

I have the setup from ultimate vwii guide suggests

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