vWii USB Loader duplicate games

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    Hi Wiiu hackers.

    I have a small issue, and I am trying to figure out the cause. I have heard that the Wiiu is bad at getting power to USB drives and even the SD card slot. I installed a bunch of safeguard hacks and finally WiiFlow.

    As you can see, a lot of my games are duplicates now. Which is odd. I have about the right number of boxes (for games) but almost every one has more than one copy of itself now. I noticed that Super Mario Galaxy, Dragon Ball TK3, the 3 other Sonic titles, and others are all missing, despite them being on the harddrive.

    Would this have to do with my harddrive not getting enough power? I hear it powering off all the time ( a small beep) and Wiiflow takes a good 30 or 40 seconds to boot up from the vWii menu. I initially thought that it was just vWii that was bad at this power thing, but i hear it powering off on the Wiiu menu too. So what I am asking is "Will a USB Y cable fix my issues?" Or is my WBFS drive screwed?
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    Sep 23, 2013
    if your not using a Y splitter its probably the issue, just double check there is no issues with the drive first when plugged into your PC/laptop and that there is no beep/clicking, if it does the same on the computer the hard drive may be faulty, but its most likely down to the fact your not using a Y cable
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