vWii Problem with the Homebrew Channel

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    Aug 15, 2015
    Ok, i finaly decise to put my Wii out of is misery (figurativly speaking) and use the Wii U in is vWii mode for play my Wii/GC games. I unfortunaly discover that i need to use the Y usb cable for make the hard disk that i use wel...usable. I have already done, last month, all the step for make this possible but then i decid to do something stupid: i format the 2GB SD card i use with the system. I try to re insert the necessary file on the SD card but unfortunaly nothing appear when i enter in the Homebrew Channel. This is my SD status, im sure im missign something the problem his...i don't know what im missing.

    vwii1.png vwii2.png