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  1. bereta_x

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    Aug 6, 2014
    Xalapa, Mexico
    Since the last update some of you may have issues like error 162-3006

    this is because some of us modify ios we shouldn't
    and now the wii u is hang trying to update

    i decide to stop softmodding my wii u to be able to play my wii u games and left the modding to my old wii

    but i would like the community to help me to create a tutorial to clean the vwii for the one who messed up, Like ME

    for the repair i have a small tutorial i been working on using bathaxx and MMM

    I hope you could help me thnx in advance
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    1st: I would like to say thank you for your strong attempt at English (if your 1st language is not English) (I see you're in/from Mexico).
    2nd: As you type, if you misspell a word a red line will appear under the word. If you right click over the word alternate spellings will show up to help you. (You can try this with your 1st post (OP) by selecting edit and clicking in the window.It will underline the problem areas.
    3rd: You really should not post in as many different threads as you have with the same problem because few forum members will take the time to answer you.
    4: You MUST read the RULES. You can NEVER beg/ask/request copyrighted material.
    5: Please edit your posts to delete those request. see http://gbatemp.net/search/member?user_id=352427
    6:"torrent of a Direct Download site" VERY BAD. do not mention. read rules.

    Finally, if you are able to clean up your post/mess I'm fairly certain others will help.
    But if you have read almost any of the problem threads, There is a minimum needed to help.
    Run the latest versions of almost all software

    Dump Mii NAND - a BootMii format (nand.bin) NAND dumper for vWii/Wii
    Run SysCheck SysCheck HacksDen Edition
    Run InspectMii InspectMii, NEW Wii/vWii Homebrew
    Report back.
    On the bad news side: if you don't have HBC or at least some vWii cios's installed. you will not be able to read your NAND and if you can not read from it you mostly will not be able to write/delete from it. So there maybe nothing you can do until WiiU exploit is fully working.
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  3. bereta_x

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    Aug 6, 2014
    Xalapa, Mexico
    Hi, thanx, for the answer, I al ready modify my post as you requested.

    I'm Sorry About my behavior it's no excuse, i'm desperated and I dont know what to do :(.

    About my vwii, I'm not able to execute any tool unless is the MultiModManager, since I stupidily messed up the IOS, I think I can execute some dol programs via MMM but i havent try that yet

    My HBC its useless and y cant execute smashstack, only bathaxx.

    I have ios 236 so I can install or uninstall IOS via MMM

    Again I'm sorry about my behavior u.u, I wont be tiking any more posts than this
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    Apr 3, 2011
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