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    Hello! I am new to vWii homebrew, I have a few questions.
    First, what kind of apps can I put on my Homebrew Channel? vWii's Homebrew Channel can't use regular Wii's Homebrew Channel apps, right? Is there a vWii version of Wii Launcher? Or Riivolution? Basically, what apps can vWii's Homebrew Channel run?
    Second, now that I installed Homebrew Channel, can I get rid of Smash Stack? Like, can I delete the private folder and rename my 'privateold' folder back to 'private'?
    Sorry if these questions are dumb
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    you can use all wii homebrew.
    vWii is a virtual Wii, it works the same way.

    The only things you can't do is system file modification tool.
    vwii has slightly different system files (they are one more layer encrypted).
    do not install IOS or cIOS for Wii on vWii.
    Do not install priiloader (it's a IOS !)

    read the "what you can do and not do" stickied thread.

    You don't need the smashstack files on your SD anymore. you can delete the folder and use your good files (rename your folder) without the exploit in it if you want to play the game normally.
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