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    Mar 14, 2017
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    I've got everything setup as I'm supposed to. Im usually pretty self reliant with the use of Google. I'm so stumped I decided to register here for help.

    I've got a wiiu with latest update with cfw.

    I've also got the vwii side fully softmoded as well. I'm using a 2tb portable external hdd with Y usb cable for the vwii. Formatted to fat32 with 32kb clusters. I'm only using this hdd. No sd card at all.

    Issues I'm having are with mainly with genplusgx and visualBoyAdvance. I want my games to be seperate. Example: I want genesis to be seperate from master system and game gear. If I click on just game gear it will show only game gear and same with Master system. However just clicking genesis it asks for plugin directory or something. Same with gameboy, gbc and gba. If I click just gb or gbc I get nothing. Gba by itself loads fine. I've put so much time and effort to give up! I've bought nes controller adapters, snes adapters, genesis adapters and a n64 adapter to really make this my retro console!

    Any help or tips is greatly appreciated! I've seen wiiflow look and act perfect!

    Right Here

    This is exactly what I want in that video in the link.
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