Virtual On Oratorio Tangram XBLA Trailer

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    Oct 26, 2007

    "The website for Virtual-On Oratorio Tangram ver. 5.66 features new screens of the Xbox Live Arcade release of the classic arcade/Dreamcast robot fighter, as well as the trailer above. As expected, it looks pretty much like a Dreamcast game with smoother edges -- a look that, to our eyes, only amplifies the clean, simple look of Dreamcast 3D.

    The graphics kind of don't matter, however, because this XBLA version of VOOT includes online battles, and that is just plain awesome no matter how incremental the graphical upgrades are. Sure, it's pretty much expected for Xbox games to have online play, but we didn't dare get our hopes up for this one, just in case. Now we just need someone to build custom 360 Twin Sticks for us, and we are in business. Oh, and Sega needs to announce the game for somewhere other than Japan. But after that and the stick thing, we are in business."

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