Very wierd crush-and-derstoy!

Discussion in '3DS - Flashcards & Custom Firmwares' started by Golbez194, Mar 6, 2017.

  1. Golbez194

    Golbez194 Member

    May 30, 2012
    United States
    Had very wierd issue with my New 3ds.

    So i played at work SMT IV Apocalypse(eur)(installed from freeshop),and at one moment,game was suddenly frozen...soo,i just shut down console nd tried to turn on it again,but i saw only black scree,so my next steps were like that:

    1)tried to reset settings at luma(nighty build,versionfrom mid-february) screen
    2)tried back up sys nand and then restore by newesyt version screen
    3)tried load without sd card(installed a9lh v3 on console,so it could launch without sd card)...balck screen
    4)returned home and tried other version of luma,latest official screen after sut up settings
    5)then i wanted to try switch other sd card with same nighty luma...and taa daaa it finally worked
    6)didn't want to risk reboot it,took out sd card and put mine main 200gb sd card while console was turned on to make back up saves of my games(coz i planned to flash my 9.2 nand dump)
    7)after i done with saves....i wanted to try reboot again with main sd card inside....worked like a charm
    did few reboot and shutdowns and no problems anymore 0-0
    8)tried to get on that SMTIV Apocalypse game to that spot where i've got that wierd "destroy-crush" but there was no problem anymore too.

    So what was the reason of that wierd issue? Any suggestions?

    Will try give more details:first i thought that something wrong with main 200gb sd card,but console didn't want to turn on without it too(before that,it was worked no problem,and works after it was fixed this situation),and there were no issue with this card before.Fat 32(formatted to 64kb clusters coz 3ds load apps alot faster in 64kb clusters)played on that card for like 8 months with no problem.

    Then i thought maybe some cia was the reason:yesterday installed from "famous site" translated Mapple Story 1.3,newest US Story of Seasons and Blaster master zero jap along with SMTIV Apoc. from freeshop.Installed on latest FBI.
    But others didn't had any issues with those cias...

    Sys nand the latest 11.3 eur.

    So still don't know why this situation was occured.

    And have question about nand back up,coz never did that before.
    1)Do i need to reinstall all my cias after back up?
    2)will i lose my saves?
    3)or what i can lose be backup my 9.2 nand?
  2. Majickhat55

    Majickhat55 The Red Woman

    Mar 28, 2016
    United States
    Well one thing is that with electronics in general, things can literally just stop working for no clear reason. This is why troubleshooting exists in the first place, and why most situations cannot be replicated because they are not expected behavior. Think of them as glitches with no specific trigger. Anyway, using a large SD card with a 3DS does work but it's prone to problems. Ninty itself doesn't recommend anything larger than 32GB for that very reason, because it may act weird, emphasis on may.

    The thing is you don't need to know WHY it occurred, you also can't without being able to do it again. Seems to me your SD card couldn't be read for a certain period of time or one reason or another, taking it out a few times and putting it back fixed it. Again it's trouble with the SD card itself, not your system.

    Also, when you create a backup of your SysNAND it's a copy of the way your system is at that very moment. Meaning if your backup is from 9.2, you will lose any changes made to your sysnand afterwards. So anything you installed after updating to 11.3 would need to be reinstalled, everything you had when you made your backup will still be there. (Your saves are NOT restored when changing SD cards unless the "Nintendo 3DS" folder is copied, you need to back them up with JKSM). If you create a backup like right now on your current system, format the system and then restore the backup your DS won't change at all.
  3. Golbez194

    Golbez194 Member

    May 30, 2012
    United States
    Thanks for a good and detailed answer.Yeah my theories are same like yours,it was some kinda system sudden glitch,or sd card issue,still like i wrote above for months nothing like that beeing happened at all,but yup,things can be happened after all )))

    Hmm i wll make a current-working nand 11.3 then just in case,if t's mean that im gonna lose everythng if would need to restore 9.2 backup.
    So in some situation,like for example like mine would happen,and if i wouldn't have copied saves before issue with JKSM,copying "Nintedo 3ds" folder for keeping saves,can save my saves games,did i got it right? I mean if i would restore old 9.2 back up from current 11.3.

    And by restoring to 9.2 means that all games,which i installed after made this nand-dump,will be deleted from sd card? Or games would remain at sd card,just in NOT-working-dummy condition?
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