Version different Gamecube games?

Discussion in 'Nintendo GameCube' started by RemixDeluxe, Aug 4, 2011.

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    I just learned that games have different version numbers that correct glitches such as Super Smash Bros Melee having three versions like 0-00, 0-01, and 0-02. Same goes for Metroid Prime having three different versions. I was curious to know what other GC games out there have alternate versions on game disks.
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    super mario sunshine, Luigi mansion, super smash bros melee, Pokemon Colosseum, pokemon collosseum XD gal of darkness, mariokart double dash, crazi taxi,legend of zelda four swords and legend of zelda windwaker and twilight princess.

    ^^all of those have different versions with big fixes

    examples: super mario sunshine v1 has a problem where in delfino plaza you can fall into darkness by getting turbo nozzle and raming into the shine gate eventualy you will fall through the wall and gc freezes while v2 patched that and mario seems to have a brighter colored costume aka flood looks brighter...

    worst fix iv seen was in Pokemon Colosseum v2 if you saved then went phenic then went to snagem headcorters with a pokemon and a shadowfied pokemon it would give you a upside down start screen and on exit would mess up the gamecube ie it would cause clock reset on next reset.

    main one seems that in smash bros melee v1 in multiman melee select endless chose falco then kill until you are about to die and then when knocked off stage about to die hold l+r+start+z dont hit start if done correctly you will get a bunch of garbled txt on freeze

    legend of zelda windwaker v1 had a terrible glitch that horrified me it was in windfall at start when you are getting the sail talk to the 2 girls first then run to the sail guy get the sail after talk to the weird guy dancing in front of the stone slate near the peak after jump off edge and try to land as close to the ocean but not in then where did every thing go the screen will be black but the characters will still be there for example the 2 girls at the start and the sail guy...

    and so on...

    thats all i know enjoy info as its a pain finding 2 of them
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