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    Jan 16, 2013
    The gamepad charger that came with the Wii U spazzed out so I went to eb games to see what I could use as an alternative.
    What I got was something interesting. It's labelled Gamepad Charger and how it works is:
    Wii U AC Adapter goes into the little black box.
    The black box splits the AC power into two and one goes into the Wii U and the other goes into the charging cradle, where the Wii U and a wii mote can be charged. (pic attached)

    Now here's my question: Is whatever I'm doing safe? I have charged the gamepad and for over night + a whole day like this and nothing was blowing up but the fact that the gamepad charger uses 4.75V 2A while the monster power supply of wiiU uses 15V 5A just makes me thing how on earth is this thing being charged? It looks to me I just smacked a 75W power adapter into some thing that only takes 9.5W.
    On the bottom of the charging stand it does say DC IN 5V 2A. The overall cradle + black box feels really light and I seriously doubt theres any form of transforming happening. Probably a few resistors at max if there are any.

    Also if the above issue wasn't really an issue I would also like to ask how much strain would the Wii U Powersupply be under after I smack a 750GB HDD using a Y-cable? Would that work?

    Sorry about the long post. But I can't get my head around this power difference and why it's working.

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    Feb 8, 2006
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    Call Nintendo and get a new one, it is still covered....
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