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    Right! So you are a noob that has just happened to perchance upon this one thread amongst hundreds upon thousands upon millions of websites on the internet. Completely ignoring the fact that the chances of that are extremely small, this is the great 5 step guide to search for stuff you want to know with as little pain as possible.

    Step 1:
    The Knowledge You Seek
    Step 2:
    Choosing the Search Engine
    Step 3:
    The Magic Words
    Step 4:
    The Integrating Process
    Step 5:
    The Knowledge

    And with that, you have just completed your search. Supposedly by now you would have gained the knowledge you wish to gain, but if you didn't, then that probably means that you either chose the wrong words, or there really might not be any information on it (example: You are searching for a translation patch and have found no patches...OBVIOUSLY that means that there is NO TRANSLATION PATCH...blithering idiots...).

    As my final words for this guide, "use the fucking search bar".

    I probably should have posted a "reserved" post...I apparently got ninja'd in terms of posting...though I'm guessing I started first...but meh w/e what's done is done.
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