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    I hacked the Wii of friends of mine over a year ago, and they haven't had any problems with it for quite some time. However, they came to me saying that their harddrive didn't work anymore so I went and tried finding the reason why it didn't work. The harddrive works brilliantly with my brothers Wii, so I figured it had to do with my friends Wii. So I made a Syscheck:

    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    I do not know the steps needed to restore the ability to load backups from the harddrive. The loader on their Wii is Wiiflow, and if I remember correctly they use 4.3E on a black Wii.

    If I need to install some cios, then which one, and how do I do so?
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    IOS249 is stubbed, that IOS249 is needed to run backups off the hard disk drive, install it again.