Usb Loader GX problem

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by Ohana_Honokusu, Dec 7, 2015.

  1. Ohana_Honokusu

    Ohana_Honokusu GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 28, 2015
    Title says it all. I'm having a problem with USB Loader GX, it is keep freezing on the "Initialize Sd Card" screen. How do you fix it? Oh and this is being done on the vWii on Wii U, not on an actual Wii.
  2. mrissaoussama

    mrissaoussama Hiuhbi32

    Nov 23, 2015
    try other versions :
    or if you are saving your games on a hard drive, and you are running usb loader gx from the wii menu,try removing the sd card,i think that your sd card is full of other stuff.
    you can also try other usb loaders, like cfg, wii flow...
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  3. Cyan

    Cyan GBATemp's lurking knight

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    Oct 27, 2002
    Engine room, learning
    try a different SD card
    verify it's not write protected
    Format the SD card (need to be fat32, not ExFat)
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