Usb loader gx not loading Nintendont saves

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    Hi. I'm running usblgx Rev. 1256 Nintendont v3.334. Whenever I attempt to load my GameCube backups via USB loader, the games load except for the save from my memory card. I use usb loader a lot and therefore I would like to be able to run GameCube games from it. My saves work fine with Nintendont and wii saves work with USB loader, so I don't know where the problem is. If it helps, I use a 3rd party memory card. Idk what exact one, but search "gcn memory card" on Amazon and look for this:
    Thanks for any help
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    USBLoaderGX is not the one responsible for loading your gamecube saves "stored on the HDD". Nintendont is doing it.
    nintendont checks the savegames from the same partition than your games.

    if you want to use the real memory card instead, in USBLoaderGX set memory card emulation to OFF and it will not emulate the card on the HDD.
    by default it's set to save on HDD, one memory card per game.

    OFF : use memory card
    ON (individual) : a new "memcard.bin" per game.
    ON : one "memcard.bin" shared with all games.
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