USB Loader GX: Can you return to Loader?

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    I am only relatively new to Wii U homebrew, but I was around for almost all of the Wii homebrew (I had a USBGeeko and Hardmods etc). Anyway I used USB Loader GX for my original wii and I don't remember it always going back to the Wii Menu when exiting a game? Is this that nature workflow on the WiiU version, am I just doing it wrong or am I just remembering it wrong and it has always done this?
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    you can patch games to return to a channel instead of the system menu.
    install this channel on vWii : (Fix).wad/download
    This is a forwarder channel which is loading USBLoaderGX located on your SD or USB.

    Then, in USBLoaderGX settings > loader settings > Return to : select "usb loader gx" channel

    A question :
    Do you still have your USB Gecko? if you don't use it anymore, I'm sure some devs would gladly buy it from you.
    @GreyWolf or @fledge68
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