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    Aug 16, 2020
    United States
    Alright, so i've been refraining from posting here for awhile now just because I hate when everyones like "Theres already a thread for that!!" well I have been going through countless threads for weeks now and I just cant seem to figure this out and i'm loosing my mind over here. So, anyway, I am having alot of issues trying to get my wii backups to play on my wiiu. I've downloaded all the correct things shown to me in threads, I have the cIOS's and wii backup manager and usb loader gx and wiiflow and pretty much any other thing i've been told to put in the apps folder. My USB is FAT32, i've been able to successfully put the .wbfs on my drive in the backup manager, but when I have my SD and USB in the wiiu and startup the homebrew from the vwii, WiiFlow is pretty much useless it just says "games not found" and only lets me install the game disk I have in or select partition. On usb loader gx though, itll open up and go in but wont recognize any games and when I select wii it will say usb device not initialized. Im lost any help would be appreciated. Like I said, I've looked through every thread on here and followed them and still cant get it figured out.
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