1. Rikku

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    Dec 3, 2008
    Hello there, some of you might remember me from a similar thread a while back, though I wanted to update to 3.2 instead -- they pointed me to WUM, which worked just fine at the time. For those who don't (which are most you), the fact is that I don't have internet connection on my Wii due to lack of money, and so can't update "the easy way". I recently saw methods of updating (more specifically, this) but even so they require connection ("network installation"), so obviously my question stands as: is there a way to updating to 4.0 without an internet connection on the system?

    Well, there IS the option of "WAD installation", only it doesn't work, probably because I don't have the WAD or maybe not. WUM doesn't have 4.0 on it either, so I'm assuming it is either outdated or simply can't get it yet. I appreciate the help and I'm really sorry if I'm doing something wrong, but playing from SD cards is very tempting. Thank you once again!
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