Hacking Updating a previously Modded Wii


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Jun 6, 2019
United States
Hey, all,

So I recently got a US white OG Wii from a buddy and it already has the Homebrew Channel on it and is on 4.2 Nintendo firmware. Tried updating it but no go as Nintendo wouldn't update it. Don't want to just dive into it and brick it or mess it up somehow so figured I'd ask a few questions before jumping into it.

It has no SD card in it anymore. What can I do? I've only done one or two mods on 4.3 Wii's but never updated one.

My questions before I dive into modding it:
-- What's the first few things I should do to get this guy updated to 4.3?
-- I have a spare brand new 32GB Sandisk SD Card that I can toss in there and use that as a permanent SD card going forward for the mod but is anything else required or just plug in and continue modding from there?
-- I probably have to do something like ModMii or something to get it installed via HBC and then go into the settings and disable the native Wii updates and can force it to update to 4.3 (I want it updated to 4.3 just because. I know some like there's on 4.2 but use to all of mine being on the latest and final firmware update).
-- I suck when it comes to understanding all the iOS 249 or 250 and all that jazz when doing it along with Priiloader. I don't know what version of iOS this has installed it on but I basically need it to play GameCube and Wii games off the SD card like how the last two 4.3 mods I have done (personal ones with my own personal backups).

Any other info will always be a help! Thanks, all!
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