Update to 9.0-9.2 without gamecarts

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  1. Bedel

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    Oct 28, 2015
    Hi there. Tomorrow I'm going to buy an O3DS(E) in 2.2, and I was wondering hoy to update to 9.2 without buyng a game to do it and without the risk of getting a softbrik and having to update to 11.0.

    That's when all of this came to my mind, and I want you to correct me if I'm wrong and if you think I can improve the process someway.
    1- Take the OTP. That's easy since I'll be in 2.2.
    2- Use MH3U to update to 4.4.
    3- Use MSET and gateway software to do a emunand and start it.
    3- Update the emunand using sysupdater to 9.2.
    4- Backup emunand and inyect it to the sysnand (maybe using the gateway software?).
    5- Now this is a 9.2 sysnand to use with A9LH.
    What you think? Am I missing something?