Uninstalling Kubuntu/GRUB installing Win7

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    The current question is: "Will Windows 7 make it's partition primary/active by default?"​

    Answer: Yes (thx AshuraZro and irc people!)​

    I just downloaded the Windows 7 RC and I was going to format my Kubuntu partition to install it. The reason being is because I've had tons of problems with Kubuntu that aren't worth trying to fix. I also wanted to be leet and have Win7 before everyone else.

    Anyway, I've read that you have to delete the partition(Kubuntu) through the disc manager (compmgmt.msc) and then run the WinXP recovery cd and type "fixmbr". Now, I'm hoping I don't have to do the second part because I don't have an official WinXP cd, only a hp recovery cds, and I also have many different things written to my mbr that I don't want to screw up/with.
    Here's my partitions and what I'm planning to remove:
    HDD 1:
    Recovery 4.94GB FAT (removing since I have cds)[part of boot.ini]
    HP Pavilion A1000y 15.07 NTFS (Will meddle with boot.ini other than that not touching, WinXP)[part of boot.ini]
    Linux 16.57GB Ext3 I think (Replacing with Win7, contains GRUB)[not part of boot.ini]
    Linux Swap 706 MB (removing)[not part of boot.ini]
    HDD 2:
    OSX86 ~40GB [part of boot.ini]

    I already have osx86 in my mbr and I can select it after going past grub and it's in windows bootloader. So, with that being said I was wondering if it's as simple as removing Kubuntu, setting WinXP partition to boot to first, installing Win7, then adding a line for Win7 into my boot.ini

    Or will I have to screw with "fixmbr"? [​IMG]

    Offtopic: Can Win7 be ran with only 768MB ram?

    EDIT: I just got another idea. What if I set my comp to boot to windows bootloader only, instead of GRUB? Then just remove linux after that? Will anything be affected and how do I set the windows bootloader as active? Or will windows 7 automatically set itself active?

    EDIT EDIT: I got some help from AshuraZro and some people on irc. It's working now, thanks guys!