Homebrew Unbricking TWLN partition or using another console's?

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Basically I decided to change my n3ds from A9LH emunand to A9LH updated sysnand, which seemed to work okay. However, now DS carts and DSiWare refuse to boot, giving "an error has occurred" screen. I've tried to reinstall clean twl firm and flashcart whitelist cia's, but I still have the same issue. The people over at the 3dshacks irc said that my TWLN partition is most likely damaged in some way.
I've attempted to transfer the working TWLN partition of my friend's n3ds to mine, but it gives an immediate error screen, even faster than before. I'm guessing this means that the TWLN partition is tied to a specific nand, leading me to the question - is there a way to unbrick my TWLN partition? Or possibly edit my friend's to work with my 3ds?
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