Ulterior Warzone

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  1. Devil_Spawn

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    Oct 6, 2006
    The latest and perhaps, greatest work from Sander Stolk and LDAsh - Ulterior warzone (which was known for some time as RTS4DS) has begun to take shape into what looks to be an excellent real time strategy game. Anyway, they have just released a tantalising wallpaper contains a heck of a lot of juicy screenshots to enjoy.

    click for full size

    source/game's page here-> http://www.violationentertainment.com/g_uw.html

    Saw the news.. and thought i'd post it for all to see, what you guys think?
  2. SoulAnger

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    Jul 3, 2007
    I was following the game's development, even back when sander used dune as his temporary graphics.
    I was suppose to post it on the user submitted news. But im the lazy type of guy. [​IMG]

    Hmm, maybe i should later.
  3. psycoblaster

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    Jan 26, 2008
    Seoul.. (in Korea)
    now this is quality.
  4. NeverGoingBack

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    Nov 22, 2008
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    Why Isnt there any storyboard screenshots? Does it have any back story? I like the use of Fog of War, makes me feel like I will at least be playing something close to SC, WC