U.S. Internet ID System

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    U.S. Internet ID System

    The U.S. Government has started to toy with the idea of an online ID system for all U.S. citizens. The idea of the system would be to consolidate information, passwords, identification, bank accounts, etc, into one secure government controlled ID. After users log-in their identity would be confirmed and they would be able to access their online accounts using this single ID/password.

    Privacy advocates worry that not only does this allow the government an easier means to keep track of its citizens but risks the safety of those involved by storing all important information in 1 spot. Consider the user who loses their password or has that information compromised.

    The idea is currently being “planned” and no one is sure if it will happen, how they will secure it, or even if it will become a mandatory system for U.S. Internet access.

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  2. Kwartel

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    Apr 11, 2009
    It gives the goverment to much power and it'll be a easy target for hackers..
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    Something exactly like this is already happening in Germany.
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    I hope this doesn't happen. Having all of a persons info, id, money, credentials, etc in one spot does not provide any sense of security to me.

    EDIT: Makes me think of the front door lock. It will stop anyone that innocent, but if there is some who actually wants to do something then what?
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    nooo... oh wait, it's happening in the U.S. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    on a serious note, i see where they're coming from, but they really haven't thought this through. This will increase so many safety risks and breach personal privacy on a certain level. I don't think they will do it.
  6. shaunj66

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    I can't imagine this would ever be able to be put into practice. There are far too many loopholes and obstacles preventing it.
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    Nononononononono! Go away big brother!
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    I'm completely ignorant of the state of affairs in Germany when it comes to such matters, could you please tell us more about that?

    P.S. Apparently U.S. Government never heard of identity fraud.
  9. GentleFist

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    lol then you can hack real life
  10. boktor666

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    With this, it would be possible to put all into one account..... well, what if THAT account is being hacked. The hacker would have total control of everything on that account, including banking and even acces to personal files.

    GJ American Government, way to go, everybody knows that this is going to fail
  11. Ergo

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    This is a non-starter--people here will never agree to this. (This has been bandied about, in some form or another, since 9-11, and Obama has no political capital left to spend to move something like this, so it's DOA.)
  12. chrisman01

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    You know what? America is no longer a democracy. America is no longer "we the people". Our government keeps doing things none of us like and coming up with ideas none of us would think of.

    Like Obama's healthcare. Did we vote on that? No. According to the opinions of all my friends and coworkers, nobody likes it. It wouldn't have passed a vote.

    The "stimulus package" that supposedly put trillions of dollars into our economy. Did we vote on that? No. NOBODY wanted that because it raised taxes so much, and (as the government NOW knows) it was completely worthless. Doesn't help that some CEOs gave themselves raises then quit, taking most of the money with them.

    That's another thing. Corporate America. There are soooo many things wrong with how big business is run (exporting jobs to other countries, corruption, etc.), and how if they're big enough they seem to have some power in the government. BP for example. If it were up to the US citizens, BP would be shut down, or at least very limited, in their activities inside and around our borders. What did the government do? Have BP apologize and pay a fine that was like pocket change to them, then help clean up their mess, which should have ended the week it started. Isn't that a little odd?

    And now this? I wouldn't be surprised if it happened. Ever since the Cold War this country has been going downhill even faster, then 9/11 made the government even more paranoid, giving them and excuse for more big brother tactics on their own citizens. They'll probably discuss having a repeal vote, like with Obama's healthcare- a year later, and then (so far) never get around to it >.<

    I'm not a conspiracy theorist or anything, I'm just getting more than a little fed up with how things are run around here [​IMG]

    /rant. Haven't had my morning coffee...
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    Aug 8, 2009
    Welcome to totalitarianism, slaves!
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    Jul 17, 2010
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    I see so many people bitching and whining about how china's getting all the jobs. then they go to walmart and buy stuff made in china.
  16. chrisman01

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    Sep 9, 2008
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    You're right. (also, fixed your quote box and some grammar ;D )

    Either way you look at it, WTF happened to this country? When did "we the people" become... this? Sometime between WWII and today - starting around the 70s - the US as a whole got lazy and spoiled, as you say.

    EDIT: I know what Walmart stands for, and I hate it. I try to avoid it as much as possible, and if I do have to go to Walmart for some reason I always look at where the product I need is made, and try to limit at least to this continent. Virtually impossible in that place, though :/
  17. ecko

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    Nov 28, 2009
    "Privacy advocates worry that not only does this allow the government an easier means to keep track of its citizens but risks the safety of those involved by storing all important information in 1 spot. Consider the user who loses their password or has that information compromised. "

    ^this, a person only needs to get his id/password stolen and he's lost everything, even his identity
  18. Canonbeat234

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    Welcome to the Matrix, I hope you all know this is the beginning.
  19. Fireballo

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    Dec 28, 2010
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    Great Obama the fascist is at it again. The government has proved it can handle sensitive information with the wiki leaks debacle. I feel safe now that the government is going to take care of my passwords for me. Seriously, no thanks Big Brother I can handle this myself. You've proven yourself to be untrustworthy. The thing is are we going to have the choice to say no to Big Brother?
  20. kingofgamesgx

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    anyone know a good place to move to outside the US with good internet (15MBps or above DL ) with things like this moving looks more and more like a good idea