Two XBox360s in the same house

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    We are thinking of getting a second XBox360, or maybe the Xbox One..

    If we do, what kind of cross-pollination will we have?

    Since they will be on the same home network, will we be able to play our
    current non-disc XBox360 games on the new system? Maybe by logging into
    our account or something?

    Can each system play with the other over the home network?
  2. Mantis41

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    1) You will need a decent router or the port forwarding or UPnP will screw up when both consoles try to go on live. This will generally cause one or both consoles to drop out all the time.
    2) You can play over system link (lan) or via live from the same router. We normally just use live as this allows other friends and players to join as well. I do not see any performance advantage using local lan or system link.
    3) Downloaded content can be played on two consoles with 1 purchase utilizing Microsoft's license transfer. The only problem is you can only do this once every 6 months. This can get confusing but when you purchase a game online you effective get two licenses. One is attached to the console and the other to the profile that purchased it. If you use the license transfer to transfer the machine licenses to the other machine then you will have a valid license in two locations providing the profile that purchased the content uses the machine without the license. I do this all the time with my son. He uses his console in his room and I have mine downstairs. Every 6 months we transfer his downloaded content onto my Xbox and mine onto his.

    We find having our profiles on pen drives works well. That way we can easily switch between consoles and play split screen on his machine upstairs if Mum wants the TV or he can play his downstairs if he wants the bigger telly or to play kinect. It gives you lot's of options. You could also use cloud storage for your profile but for some reason I prefer the pen drives.
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    Don't get the Xbox One!
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    I have 3 Xbox 360s in my house, unless you just got the spare cash and a few games lined up to play over system linking with a friend/family it gets boring and feels kinda useless having 2 or more 360s.
  5. Mantis41

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    That's why you need one hacked Xbox and the ability to back up games. I personally feel justified using with the one copy for the occasional two person play across consoles.
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    ...why not? The DRM-ridden policy has been removed, now it has equal footing with the PS4. If he fancies Microsoft exclusives, he should totally get the XBox One.
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    How can I do this with a banned gamertag and and banned console ?
    My old console still has stuff on it , but I cant log into live with it. When I try to use my banned gamertag on my new console , it wont let me.
  8. HugeCock

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    I have a Motorola Gateway (best one Motorola offers) and that failed to support multiple Xboxes on live. I ended up bridging the Motorola (turning it into a modem) and getting a Netgear N600 that supported my Xboxes strait outta the box.
    Currently we have 4 360s (3 S models and one white model) that can all play online at the same time over the live network. Also all 360s have hard drives packed with GoD games and play together without issue
  9. ICS

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    Jul 17, 2013

    The XBL Code of Conduct says that all purchases on a permanently suspended account are void. Although, I have no idea if this works or not, but you could give it a try to sign into the banned account and do a license transfer.

    Again, I have no idea if that will work or not. It's worth a try, I guess.


    I have 4 slim 360 consoles in the same house, using British Telecommunications and don't experience problems at all.